Sunday, 4 April 2010

Wimbledon Village on Easter Sunday

I snapped a few bits and pieces walking round Wimbledon Village after lunch at the Fire Stables. There's a nice little clock tower on what used to be the fire station, with an ornate window frame and bricked in window.

I spotted this doorway next to the Bay Yee Village Chinese restaurant. It had the date 1929 above it and in the light you can see the words, "Welcome to the Top of the Hill". Could it once have been a club?

This is the Natwest Bank on the corner. The detail on the stonework is amazing.

I've zoomed in on the entwined letters B, L and C. Does anyone know what these initials stand for?

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Haydon's Road, Wimbledon

Haydon's Road, Wimbledon
Old laundry